Monday, 13 October 2014

Carswell truly grasps the root of our malaise

This is the title of the excellent piece, link below, written by Liam Halligan in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph.

I have a lot of time for Halligan as an economic commentator as he can communicate economic issues to ordinary people better than anyone since Alan Walters. The problem with academic economists is they make Milliband E  look normal and communicate in econspeak. a language only they understand.

He rightly describes Carswell as a man of great ability. I quote,

"Carswell, though, is amongst just a handful of credible politicians, who's refused to let his ambition outweigh his intellect"

"The trappings of power were there for the (his) taking, even maybe one of the great offices of state"

I look at my former BoE colleague Matthew Hancock now a Minister of State in the Business Dept. It shows how far a man of lesser abilities than Carswell can go by sucking up to the right people, in Hancock's case, Gideon Osborne.

Halligan finishes by saying,

"UKIP may yet be captured by vested interests. Nigel Farage and Carswell could come to blows."

Douglas Carswell won't be the first into the UKIP ring with Farage but as an elected MP he will start favourite. If he knocks Farage out it will be UKIP's gain. The able Patrick O'Flynn has already had the Wag tax argument with Farage and even the very acceptable Diane James has had her public differences with Farage exposed. Both are MEPs and in a strong position to take on Farage who's demand on the BBC Sunday Politics that if UKIP held the balance of power in a hung parliament post the May general election his price of support for the Tories would be an immedite In/Out referendum before the 1915 summer parliamentary  reccess. I understand the politics behind this, ie stopping further EU immigration, but it is administrative nonsense.

Farage likes to make up policy on the hoof but this cannot be allowed to continue. He has to go as leader if UKIP is to progress further.


Henry IX said...

"Farage likes to make up policy on the hoof but this cannot be allowed to continue. He has to go as leader if UKIP is to progress further."

... but you keep saying 'Vote Farage in Thanet'????????????

Eric Edmond said...

Exactly H 1X! What's the weather like in Brussels today?

Henry IX said...

Probably the same as in Thanet - lousy! But what's your point - MP or MEP??? Gravy all round for both!

Eric Edmond said...

MPs have to meet their constituents weekly. Much cushier as an MEP so I have answered your question.

Henry IX said...

Not really, if they don't want to... and meeting the constituents - really that difficult! I reckon even you could manage!

Eric Edmond said...

Farage will come unstuck meeting the voters so vote Farage in Thanet!

Henry IX said...

Oh dear, that is very desperate thinking!! The voters of Thanet will love him - most of them can't put two words together!

Eric Edmond said...

They can love him as much as they like he will still be a frog in the morning