Friday, 24 October 2014

EU supports UKIP!

Four days ago I opined that Barroso was UKIP's biggest electoral asset. Little did I think this would be confirmed within 4 days with the announcement of the EUs demand for £1.7 billon extra, roughly £57 per head of the UK population to be paid by 1st Dec. Farage certainly fulfils Napoleon's main criteria for success, he is lucky!

The Tories are clearly toast in the coming Rochester by-election and Cameron must be sick as a parrot about the way the 'colleagues' have kippered him.

Farage was grinning like a Cheshire Cat on the Daily Politics saying Dave would have to pay up and clearly annoying the hell out of Dave's token Asian. Toryboy Pierce was weeping buckets for poor Dave.

The cause of this mess was the usual, a failure to read and understand the relevant treaty clauses by the Rolls Royce minds of the FCO and HMT and ministers who could not be bothered to ask the awkward questions. I well remember having to lecture such minds of the importance of reading bond covenants in detail.

Stil Farage is not in the clear, rather he is still in the mire over his new Polish friend. I quote from the Sun,s weekly Heroes and Villains piece..

"For a man who preaches about putting principle above cynical Westminster policking, it's been a poor week for Nigel Farage. Ukip’s charismatic boss 'fessed up to doing a squalid little deal to join forces with a far right Polish MEP just to get his paws on £1.5m of taxpayers' funding.
Some perspective: Robert Iwaszkiewicz’s party too pro-Nazi even for France's National Front, who refused a similar link up. Farage made it worse by then laughing off as “a joke” ugly comments by the Pole on how wife beating can have its benefits.
The week’s second disaster was a bad miscalculation to allow ex-Radio 1 DJ Mike Read to sing about immigration in a Caribbean accent. Whether it was racist or not, and it probably wasn’t intended to be, it smelled bad and upset folk – and ended in the PR shambles of mortified Read withdrawing the song, and the poe-faced British Red Cross even refusing to take the money it raised as a donation.
Raise your moral game Nige, if you want to be taken seriously."

Note how the Sun calls Farage UKIP's boss not leader!


Mike Bridgeman said...

Hi Eric
I think it's £1.7bn

Eric Edmond said...

Decimal point inserted! Thx Mike

Niall Warry said...

Come on Eric, Nigel can NO more change his ways than you will credit any old Etonian as being worth a light!!

Eric Edmond said...

I agree but when his enemies outnumber the cabal he will fall