Thursday, 9 October 2014

Farage and the Wimmin & worse

I have always felt sad that Farage's personal spite against me and many others blinded him to our support for almost all UKIP policies etc. I have opined often in this blog that he has a problem securing women's votes. In yesterday's Telegraph Farage admits this. Click below to read it

"A survey by Lord Ashcroft showed Ukip would win the constituency ( Heywood & Middleton. ) on male votes alone, where it leads Labour 41 per cent to 38 per cent, but is being held back because just 21 per cent of women support the party."

"When you think of Nigel Farage, you think of a pint, you think of a bloke's bloke," Mr Nuttal said.
"We do have a problem with women, in terms of we are disproportionately supported by males."
It is made worse because women comprise more than half the electorate.
I have been saying and writing this for years. It is blindingly obvious but what have Farage and Nuttall done about it? Zilch! That is why I think UKIP can never be a potent force under Farage. Nuttall is even worse in this respect They need a new leader who can reach out to women.
UKIP will lose Heywood & Middleton to a UNITE female trade union official tonight as a result of this blokish image and on the wimmin's vote.
 I have often been accused of being anti-Farage. It is not true. I am very pro UKIP but for many years I have recognised they are working with one hand tied behind their back with Farage as leader. Its votes in the ballot box that count not appearances on Question Time.
Worse Farage is a control freak and now seems to be endorsing Suzanne Evans, see my previous but one blog, as UKIP's next leader. Click to read
This was exactly what he did with the disastrous Pearson in 2010 a year UKIP could have gotten MPs elected on the back of an excellent performance in the Europeans but who would vote for a party with a leader who admitted he had not even read his party's manifesto? We have wasted 5 years as a result.
Look at what Alec Salmond said when he stood down as leader. "The next leader will be elected by the members at the SNP conference".  When asked if he would go to the House of Lords he laughed and quoted Burns, " Rocks will melt wi the sun before I go to that place".

Farage should try and learn from a politician who did deliver an independence referendum for his people!
It is not rocket science to map out a 2015 strategy for UKIP. I suggest something like,
Vote Labour get Brussels
Vote Tory get Brussels
Vote LibDem get Brussels
Simples as the meerkats say but just keep saying it.

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