Friday, 14 November 2014

Farage's aggressve tax avoidance

There is now no doubt in my mind that the establishment, UK & EU, is out to nail Farage. On 3rd April the Guardian published a piece entitled, "Nigel Farage uses private company to reduce tax bill" This is not illegal but it is not an option open to ordinary citizens as it requires setting up a limited liability company with audited accounts etc. It is widely used by media people to reduce their tax bill. Farage of course regards himself as a media star and has nothing in common with Joe Public. Read the Guardian piece by clicking below:

Nigel Farage uses private company to reduce tax bill

Now the ex-Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt has weighed in, pay back for Farage's ill mannered attack on his fellow  Belgian van Rumpoy which went big on Youtube. Farage is vindictive and never forgets slights eg Denny's recent deselection. Don't buy Farage's favourite tale that he had nothing to do with NEC decisions. Nothing happens in UKIP without Farage's say so. He is going to find out that many politicians share his vindicitive haracteristics and they will have their pay back sooner or later.

Click below to see and hear Verhofstadt's recent attack on Farage in the Euroropean Parliament

Its witty, humerous and deadly. "Today during the debate on #Luxleaks, I missed Nigel Farage, expert on tax evasion"

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