Monday, 24 November 2014

More control freakery from Farage.

Who can forget Farage saddling UKIP with the useless Pearson as leader for the 2010 General Election. Head and shoulders above all other candidates said Nige on the Andrew Neil show. Forgot to mention Pearson had not bothered to read the UKIP election manifesto.

Well Nigel is at it again, click below to read it

I quote,

"Mr Farage is also determined that his replacement should be a woman. He says: “I think it is probably more likely that my replacement will be female than a male."

Within the party, women who have got the time and want to make the commitment to do it tend to do pretty well.”
"Ukip’s highest-profile female member is arguably MEP Diane James, who narrowly missed out on a Commons seat last year after she came second in the Eastleigh by‑election. She dramatically increased her party’s vote on a 19.3 per cent swing from the incumbent Liberal Democrats."
That's all true except Nigel does not want Mrs James he hopes he is warming the seat up for his apologist Suzanne Evans another joke candidate in the Pearson mold. Ask  Michasel Portillo. I see a real bitch fight coming up.
Meanwhile Labour's answer to Hyacinth Bucket continues to pedal her bike. Truly we live in an obese age that is overwhelming the NHS. Nigel is not obese but I fear for his lungs and liver so maybe an heir apparent is no bad thing. Remember what happened to poor Isis in Downton Abbey. Maybe UKIP should get Julian Fellowes to write their next manifesto. He is very good at bumping characters off when they get near their sell by date..  
I cannot resist posting this from Guido's web site with its devastating punch line at the end. I hope Guido does not sue me but it sums up what this woman is all about.

The Tale of Lady Nugee’s Walled Garden in Islington

Snobby sacked Labour MP Emily Thornberry’s official title is Lady Nugee, by virtue of her marriage to the High Court Judge Sir Christopher Nugee. Some years ago, with him, Emily bought a small terraced house in her constituency when it was auctioned off by a local housing association – only as an investment, they lived in a far grander £3 million mansion elsewhere in Islington. In itself this was an unusual example of privatisation by a “socialist”…
An outraged constituent who was eventually evicted by the Housing Association claimed that he had come to her, his constituency MP, for help only to despair when she bought one of the privatised properties. It was all very embarrassing for Thornberry. The old man nailed his allegations to the door of the house she bought. Very Lutheran…
scooter-girlsThe row of terraced houses shared small gardens communally and for years neighbours’ young children had happily played together along the terrace’s back row of gardens. This irritated the new landlord Emily and she nagged, and nagged her neighbour next door to put up a fence. He was reluctant to do so because the gardens were tiny and he could see no harm being done by his two little girls riding their scooters along the row, they were only aged 3 and 5. In the end Emily had workmen build a giant fence down the middle to keep his children out. Emily’s now private garden went unused and became overgrown with weeds. How does Guido know this story is true?
They were his kids.

Click below to read what Nugee has done to her party

Perhaps Farage could sign up Nugee as his successor.

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