Sunday, 30 November 2014

Steve Crowther, UKIP's useless chairman

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and fast forward in 38 nins to watch Crowther's bumbling inept performance. Its a while since I have seen Crowther. I first met him when I was on the NEC and he was trying to suck up to me. I gave him the bum's rush as I don't like onvious sycophancy so he found someone else who likes sycophants sucking up to him all the time viz N Farage. He was on today with Liam Fox who could scarcely keep a straight face at some of Crowther's inane comments. The BBC strap line said Crowther had been elected party chairman in 2010. Completely untrue. Crowrher was appointed by Farage to succeed another Farage syco appointee P Nuttall. Crowther however manages to make Nuttall look like a political genius something I would have said was impossible until I heard Crowther.

Crowther was caught out time and time again by mild mannered David Garmston and even the guest Romanian ran rings round him! I now understand why UKIP fields their deputy chairman Suzanne Evans as much as possible for TV shows and keeps Crowther out of sight. Now la Evans main tactic is to grin inanely, obviously copying Tony Blair, and gets caught out frequently on the statements of the great leader. UKIP should produce a little red book, the latest policies of Nigel Farage, update it every evening and email it to la Evans each night as compulsory bed time reading. Its important to keep up to date with Nigel's every changing views. He is a true political weather vane.

Evans has one obvious advantage, she is a presentable looking lady. Crowther looks like a wild and wooly Lib Dem and is even more as confused than the average LibDem. He could not even give a clear concise answer when asked what is the difference beween UKIP and the Tories. He waffled on and failed to answer a very easy question.

Liam Fox was as always very good, concise nd clear and made mincemeat of Crowther. UKIP have to ditch Crowther asap as chairman or face even more car crashes like today's which will cripple their electoral efforts this May.


Mike Bridgeman said...

Hi Eric,
you are a better man than I as I had to turn it off after a few minutes-rather embarrasing.
On the plus side it is only anoraks like us who watch that sort of programme so the damage was limited.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mike but he willl repeat this sort of performance to a wider audience with serious electoral damage to UKIP.

Niall Warry said...

This post has been linked to on EU referendum.

Autonomous Mind said...

Personally I would like to see as much of Crowther on our screens as possible.

He is also inept internally too, having fallen hook, line and sinker for William Dartmouth's claim that he had nothing to do with the windfarm planned for Dartmouth land in Yorkshire, when the truth could have emerged with two simple questions.