Monday, 16 March 2015

Farage: I'l resign if I don't win seat

This is today's front page headline in the Daily Telegraph. It is exactly as I have predicted. When he does not win Thanet he can use that as his excuse to leave UK domestic politics which is hard work, closely scrutinised and poorly paid leaving Nigel to head up his lucrative European party in Brussels which involves little work, zero presss scrutiny, lots of money and much grandstanding. Truly the EU has been good to Nigel and he will be suitably rewarded for his sterling service to the EU.

Meanwhile back in blighty the poor unpaid UKIP foot soldiers will be left to soldier on in their mud soaked trenches assaulted by the left wing media until none are left standing and while the king over the water gorges himself with EU Euros.

Consider the undermining effect this silly statement has on UKIP candidates who are trying their hardest to become MPs. Nigel has just given enough ammo to the Tories to sink a battleship let alone cockleshell UKIP!. When has a party leader published an autobiography immediately before a general election? Never! Biographies are published after elections and if a minister after leaving office. So why has Farage published his biography at this time?

There are two reasons. First there were cheques on offer from the publishers and the DT. Books and serial rights generate cash. There may also have been talk about his 'worth' being at its peak right now so cash in to maximise the revenue. Second it damages UKIP's electoral prospects and conversely boosts the Tories prospects. If Dave wins and Nigel loses Thanet I expect NF's elevation to the red leather to quickly follow.

The nightmare scenario for Farage is that he wins Thanet and therefore has to resign as an MEP. I am confident Nigel will ensure this does not happen.

PS If you want to see and hear a very cogent anti EU argument click below

Daniel Hannan is the real deal. Well educated, he could lead us out of Europe. Farage will only lead you to the nearest pub.


Spinwatch said...

I'm not a member of UKIP or a Farage fan, but the explanation I read today is quite reasonable. If you aren't in Parliament, then can you really lead where the action is?

OK, that hasn't been a problem for the DUP (where Nigel Dodds deputises for First Minister Peter Robinson) or for the Greens, where Caroline Lucas explicitly handed over the party reins so she could concentrate on retaining her seat.

Buit for someone who is 50 and not in brilliant health ("the body of a 70 year old"), being Party leader and stretched as a new MP would be too much. I'm sure that MEPs get quite a good severance package and pension, though, and the old rogue won't be short of speaking engagements.

Nailer said...

You've summed up the situation nicely.

But as for speaking engagements, once you've heard one Farage speech, you've heard them all. It's a good job nobody reads the transcripts line by line, or his game would be up.

I've no idea what people hear in him, really.

Eric Edmond said...

Go on Youtube and type in Daniel Hannan. He has made a series of outstanding speeches on how much we would gain by leaving the EU. He is the real deal, a man who could lead us out of the EU. Put this into your browser watch and listen

Henry IX said...

"Daniel Hannan is the real deal. Well educated"

but he's the quintessential public school boy - you're always saying how you automatically dislike these types? Beep, beep, watch out it's another "Dumbo Deadmond" u-turn!!!

Niall Warry said...

Except DH probably doesn't want to or he wouldn't be a Conservative!!

Eric Edmond said...

Time will tell