Sunday, 24 May 2015

Cameron's talent is to choose good advisors and listen to them

Steve Hilton, Cameron's former guru has just has a book entitled More Human published. Hilton is an interestinh guy and was just too much for the Mandarins to take. He has an eclectic mix of views ranging from Green to anti-EU. He also had a temper which diod not go down well with the Civil Service.

His most interesting quote is to brilliantly describe the European Commission and European Parliament as, " a vast stinking cesspit of corporate corruption gussed up in the garb of idealistic internationalism". I could not have put it better myself confirmed by the procession of corporate fat cats we have bleating non stop now about what a the disaster it will be if we leave the EU . What they mean is how bad it would be for their bonus but who speaks for Joe Public for whom exit from the EU would be a huge benefit.

Lynton Crosby was of course a great pick by Dave but he was also smart enough to take the Wizard of Oz's advice to the extent of demoting his pal Gove from Education Secretary  to Chief whip. If you pick good people you have to back them even if your pals have to go.

Cam's latest pick is the dishy and clever Camilla Cavendish to head up the No 10 policy unit. She was a contemporary of Daves at BNC, on the same course PPE where she also got a first. Not all the best guys get a first, BoJo didn't but he did classics.


She was a top class journo for the Times and has strong Green credentials

In 2008 Cavendish won the Paul Foot award for campaigning journalism for her investigation into the practices of family courts dealing with child protection issues. She is a former trustee of Policy Exchange and a board member of the Care Quality Commission.

In another recent column, she concluded that Cameron should follow his instincts and look outside his party’s comfort zone for policy ideas: “Left to himself, Cameron’s instincts tend to be ecumenical. I would love to see him adopt Labour’s policies on non-doms and Lib Dem proposals to extend the upper bands of council tax.”

Another excellent choice by Cameron. Picking good people is Cameron's greates talent. Nobody ever accused Farage of that. Sycos only for Nigel.

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