Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Evans tries to set the record straight

La Evans was interviewed by the nice Victoria Derbyshire today on BBC TV. Click link below to see/hear

Poor Ms Evans she did write a decent manifesto. The 2010 one was written by the Tory traitor Bannerman who is now a well paid Tory MEP, At that time Bannerman was favoured by NF but after his abysmal manifesto Farage was quick to rubbish him. One thing for sure Cameron won't be asking Bannerman to write a manifesto or anything else for the Tories so Evans effort did not have a lot to beat, Ms Evans is not the first and won't be the last to fall from the fickle fuerher's favour. When you sup with Farage take a long spoon.

From my experience of NF O'Flynn told nothing more than the plain unvarnished truth about him. Gobby is I presume the exUKIP press officer who had to say what NF wanted him to say.

To be secure with Farage you almost have to sign an oath of unquestioning allegiance to him in your own blood as despots in the Middle Ages required. Its loyalty to NF not loyalty to UKIP that matters, The two are not the same.

I remember hearing Farge threatening to cut some poor UKIPPer off at the knees for disagreeing with him. I suppose I should be grateful I can still walk.

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