Friday, 15 May 2015

Farage fruit cakes are still in business

I quote from DC's letter to pupils of his new freeschool in Private Eye

It is sad news about Mr Farage – he’s still with us. Having changed his mind over a pint or 20, the fruitcake stall is still in the grounds. Alongside is a large new stall offering traditional Scottish shortbread. It appears to be run by Ms Sturgeon, although there is a familiar face standing behind the trestle table, who looks a lot like Mr Salmond, roaring at passers-by and trying to pick a fight. Still, let’s just ignore all the amusingly tartan-clad helpers and I’m sure they’ll go away. After all, there are only 56 of them…

I agree with Dave but what to do about Nigel.

I see he is still trying to horn in on the in out referendum. The last time this was on offer when Nicky, Trevor and chums collected enough signatures to get a debate in the House of Commons Farage forgot to sign their petition until he was Cricked by Nicky on College Green in front of a camera team and was shamed into signing which he did with his usual bad grace.

(If anyone can post a comment link to this historic footage I would be most grateful as I am sure would Mr Crick.)

So you see Farage has form or previous as Trevor might say on changing his mind. He is not a man to be trusted and clearly has no heart for our in/out referendum.cause

Dave's in/out referendum is now the only game in town. If you want to be involved please post your email in the comment section of this blog and I will pass it on to the steering committee of the 'Out' campaign when it is set up.

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