Thursday, 7 May 2015

Farage's UKIP fails Yeovil

I have just been up to vote. There was no UKIP candidate for the District Council only a Lib Dem and a Tory. That is Crowther's genius at work again as in his London cock up two years ago.

Worse the parliamentary candidate comes from Wells, 40 + miles away. I had never heard of him which I suspect will be the same for all of the few remaining UKIP members.not deemed enemies by Nigel.

There are plenty of good local well qualified talented people around her prepared to stand for UKIP but I guess Crowther just could not be bothered to ask them.

The only candidates who canvassed me were the district nd Westminster Tory candidates and I must not forget Dave came and parked his bus 200 yards away in the local address the faithful.

If thios pattern is repeated over the countfry how can UKIP succeed?

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