Tuesday, 26 May 2015

We must nail the EU trade lies every time they are trotted out.

I can remember Mrs Williams in 1972  peddling the umpteen million UK jobs will be lost if we don't join the common market lie. The same factually unsupported figures have been trotted out regularly ever since. Tellingly they were used during the we must join the Euro campaign in the 1990s. We did not join and guess what happened? The UK prospered as we have over thousands of years from our trade with Europe going back 5000 years to Skarra Brae in Neolithic times. Trade is a result of human nature. We want somehing Johnny Foreigner has and he wants something we have hence we trade with each other.

The EU does not facilitate trade it hinders it! This brake on our prosperity is getting steadily worse.  Two stories in today's press illustrate the huge drag the EU is on our economy. Matt Lynn in an excellent piece in today's business DT makes this point on the huge disadvantage we are under by not being able to sign our own trade deals with the grrowing economies of the Pacific rim, the old Commonwealth and of course the USA. Only the EU can do that and their interests are protecting the German car industry and French agriculture. We have given away our Skarra Brae birthright to the French and Germans.


The piece is headlined, "Australia can have free trade with the US, so why can't we?

Good question.The answer is because we are in the EU. The Europhiles will say the EU is currently negotiating a trade deal with the US which will benefit all members equally. The truth is as in Animal Farm some members, France & Germany are more equal than others like the UK. These EU US negotiations have benn going on interminably and are bogged down in French & German perotectionism. That is why the Eurozone is stagnant whilst the rest of the world forges ahead. It has protectionism as its core belief. Our political and business elite for their own selfish ends have yoked us to this increasingly moribund grouping with no or flacid economic growth..

The atandard policy presciption of the EU to its members like Ireland who show some initiave is to mire them down with a so called levelling the playing field. This is what Hollande & Merkel are now cooking up with their 'initiative' to equalise corporation tax across the EU ie lets turn Ireland and the UK into another socialist quagmire like France.


Well why not? They have already crippled the City of London with their EU wide financial transaction tax. Not so much a level playing field but a bottomless swamp.

Cameron is a deatist. He believes in the EU. He is beaten begore he starts and us along with him.

O tempor, O mores as Cicero said.


The Boiling Frog said...

I disagree about arguing on trade. I believe we have to nullify the argument by remaining in the single market. This we can bypass any trade arguments and win a referendum on politics alone.

As soon as we get bogged down in trade statistics we lose the people who will get bored by the detail.

Eric Edmond said...

I was not arguing for staying in the single market. Sorry if that was not clear. We have to be out completely to negotiate trade deals with everyone else including the EU.

Trade equates with jobs so we have to talk about it-the Europhiles will be lying about it non stop.