Monday, 13 July 2015

Weasel words from Farage on Mote after his gaoling

Farage on Mote,

UKIP party leader Nigel Farage said: "He was never a UKIP MEP I'm pleased to say. He was elected on a UKIP list.
"I found out very quickly and thought he was a wrong 'un so I kicked him out of the party, and this will be his second prison sentence so there you are.
"He never took his seat as a UKIP MEP. He was a member of UKIP, who was elected and I kicked him out even before he took his seat."

Mote was no2 on the UKIP South East slate in 2004 for the European elections of that year. Number one on that list was Nigel Farage. Does Farage think people are so gullible as to believe he knew nothing about Mote his no 2 on the list. At the next election, 2009 Farage clearly supported Andreasen as his no2 on the SE UKIP slate . She subsequently went off to join the Tories. In 2014 it was the same story with Janice Atkinson, no2 on the UKIP SE slate.

 She was expelled from UKIP for "bringing the party into disrepute" after her chief of staff was recorded apparently trying to inflate her expenses. 

On 16 June 2015, it was announced that Atkinson had joined a new group in the European Parliament, Europe of Nations and Freedom. The group consisted at its formation of 36 members. As well as Atkinson, the group is formed of 20 MEPs from the French National Front, and smaller numbers from Italy's Northern League, the Freedom Party of Austria, the Dutch Party for Freedom, Poland's Congress of the New Right and the Belgian Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest Party).

Essentially she has joined Marie LePen's French Front National group. A triumph for the EU federal dream of European political parties sans fromtieres.

So that's 3 elections and in each the UKIP no 2 candidate to Farage on the Souh East list has turned out to be less than loyal to UKIP. The common factor is of course Farage. Nobody gets on a UKIP slate  in any region, let alone Farage's South East region, without Farage's personal seal of approval. Pofessed loyalty to Farage not UKIP is the criterion all MEP candidates must pass.. I know, I was kicked of the SW list in 2009 by the Farage controlled UKIP NEC for criticising in an NEC meeting the Farage controlled UKIP candidate selection process and also UKIP;s financial probity. He used the UKIP traitor Bannerman to frame the charges against me. Bannerman went off to join the Tories and is now a Tory MEP. The NEC had no power to do this but such niceties matter not a jot in Farage's UKIP. After the illegal NEC decision Farage's crony the late Malcolm Wood the South West RO arranged to have this decision endorsed by the SWRCC. To her credit Julie Read, now a UKIP MEP, spoke against this at the SWRCC meeting on the grounds that it was ultra vires to oveturn my democratic election by SW members.

The EU of course acts like this all the time!

I have no doubt Mote never sat as a UKIP MEP but he was elected as a Farage endorsed MEP. Farage is dissembling to try an imply otherwise


Greg_L-W. said...


lists of Ukip hopefulls have been drawn up by Nigel Farage and endorsed by those he has previously put in place!

How on earth else does anyone think that Ukip has such a percentager of complete deadbeats in office.

Nigel Farage has ensured every individual of any caliber or gravitas is either sety up or eased out - Nigel farage can not stand competition and his rtesults in the last 8 elections that he hasn't been able to rig reflect why!

There is absolutely no doubt that Nigel Farage personally selected Ashley Mote as his number two in the South East, dumping his long term supporter David Lott to put Mote in without selection or election process.

Farage was convinced that having Mote as number two would increase the Ukip vote ensuring that he himself could count on being re-elected. Mote had recently produced a talking head CD together with Trevor Coleman that Farage believed he could distribute to gain votes - what Farage did not understand was that talking head videos were so yesterday that no one watched them - it took Trevor Coleman several more to learn this fact as he totally lacked any marketing skills!

Having managed to get back in as an MEP Farage had no further need of Mote and fortuitously found reason to dump him to avoid being outshone!

Mote did little to help himself but when he should have been able to count on Farage he was 'cut loose' - again for Farage's gain.

Minded that consistently Farage had failed in General elections and bye-elections to try to bolster his position at the next EU election Farage parachuted in as his number 2 the Argentinian raised, Spanish domicile accountant who having failed in her job in the EU and having lied about her CV reinvented herself as a whistle blower - a fantasy Farage swallowed hook line and sinker!

During any given EU parliament it would seem that Nigel Farage consistently falls out with between 30 & 50% of the MEPs HE PERSONALLY SELECTED!


You will note the collapse of the Ukip vote in the polls now has them at below 7% and falling as already he has fallen out with Janice Atkinson, Susanne Evans, Diane James and Patrick O'Flynn and can not count on the support of Douglas Carswell or Steven Woolfe - and so it goes on!

Nothing is likely to change as clearly Ukip is driven AND controlled by one man's ego, Ukip doesn't even understand that the aim of a General Election is to have MPs elected NOT to have loads of utterly pointless voters who desert the party when their dreams are not delivered and the party melts down into civil war at the top - compounded by the idiotic farce of failures failing to resign!

Ukip's corruption, dishonesty and abject failure to show any political gravitas or understanding is down to one man and his inane self publicity and childish commedy performances made in the EU parliament in a series of schoolboy pranks and insults.

Just name one single achievement of lasting consequence made by Ukip to date, beyond enriching their leadership clique and its claque!


Eric Edmond said...


I hope your health is still good.

I completely agree with you. No one of integrity and talent survives long in Farage's UKIP cult and so our cause will be lost. Noticeable how Mrs James who came closest of any pre Carswell to winning a Westminster seat has been eased out and clowns like Nuttall persist. My esteemed neighbour Paddy opined if the Eastleigh by-election campaign had been one week longer Mrs James would have won