Monday, 24 August 2015

Legion d'honneur for the unarmed 3 Yanks and a Brit who disarmed Morrocan on train

It was the right thing to do and unlike the UK it was done promptly but it was a bit sick making to see sordid politician Hollande turning it into a photo opportunity, its almost enough to make me a monarchist but not quite. I hope they all washed their face sfter Hollande kissed them on the cheeks a bit like the Aussie in the Harveys ad forced to shake hands with Stuart Broad wipes his hands on his shorts to rub off the contact with  the nasty POM.

Two questions, where was the train guard(s) when all this was going on and the thought that had it happened in the UK our PC Plod would  have arrested the Brit for infringing the Morrocan's civil rights at some safe time after the incident.

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