Monday, 31 August 2015

No to EU campaign riven by infighting

If this continues it will be a walkover for the Yes campaign. Farage is fomenting discontent and division as he has done in UKIP these last 20 years. Mathew Elliot who claims to run the Business for Britain campaign and demands he be chief executive of any joint campaign is from his history loooks like a Tory mole. Then there is Arron Banks who seems to head up the campaign, was a big Tory donor and then started donating to UKIP. He seems to operate an insurance related business.

Finally and most worringly is the involvement of  US based right wing organisation Breitbart who supplied Raheem Kassam to run the disastrous  Farage South East Thannet General Election campaign upsetting O'Flynn, Evans etc. I presume he was Farage's latest of many efforts to 'professionalise' the cult UKIP which masquerades as a political party. Mr Kassam now seems to have retreated back to Breitbart and confirms what anyone involved with UKIP already knows, Farage is a poor judge of people, Kassam comes after Bannerman, Andreasen etc as Farage proteges parchuted into UKIP only to disappear back to where they came from.

It is abudantly clear that if Farage or his cronies or Elliot's Tory chums are anywhere visible in the No campaign it is bound to fail as Farage's numerous attempts to become an MP failed. I do hope Mr Bank's life and business interests will stand public scrutiny if he is involved.

Personally I would prefer a Jeremy Corbin figure from the trade union movement who at least believe in what they say and have some idea of how ordinary people live.

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