Friday, 18 September 2015

Corbyn, Merkel and the British media

I am appalled at the manure heaped on Corbyn for not singing the National anthem. Its a trivial thing in my view, an awful tune and the bit about crushing rebellious Scots is of course deeply offensive to Scots. It speaks much for the media's news values that Merkel whose ill judged remarks has created the carnage we now see  in Eastern Europe undoubtedly resulting in deaths of children has attracted little criticism from the BBC etc. Nothing Corbyn has said compares to the Dr Frau's stupid remarks. Nobody has died as a result of Corbyn not singing!


Niall Warry said...

On Question Time your hero Alex Salmond said he always sings it even the Scottish bit!

You are letting your republicanism get the better of you!

Long live the Queen her heirs and successors!!

Eric Edmond said...

I prefer the Sex Pistols version

God save the Queen and her fascist regime.

Can you phone me soon or better still can we meet up so you can fill me in on comrade North's latest get together. I might be able to help provided rebelious Scots are not proscribed.

I trust you are well

Eric E

L fairfax said...

I am surprised that his appointment of an arsonist has not got more publicity.