Sunday, 13 September 2015

Muslims want to dominate us not integrate and accept our tolerant democratic values

Charles Moore wrote an excellent piece in Saturday's Telegraph entitled , " Nothing has changed in 25 years to ease my concerns about Islam" and writes, "Muslims are on the move and many of them see a faith-run, faith-defined state as the ultimate goal". By faith they of course they mean Islam which recognises no other faith hence the murderous persecution of Christians in Pakistan to say nothing of the destruction of world heritage in Palmyra and by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Christians being imprisoned  in Saudi for merely possessing a Bible.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It expanded rapidly after its founding about 650 AD to rule a huge area   from Southern Spain to Iraq by 750 AD by conquest or if you like Jihad. That is the attraction to young Muslims that makes them want to be Jihadis, the reason that escapes our politically correct political elite.

Moore is a Roman Catholic who has staunchly defended Catholic values for many years. I am not a Catholic but I am grateful for their opposition to covert Islam expansion  the so called refugee crisis facilitates. The Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban, a Calvinist with a Catholic wife has been the only major EU politician to publically oppose this covert Islamic expansion saying he wants to preserve Hungary's Christian heritage. Hungary  for the last millenium has been on the fault line between Christianity and Islam and know better than any country the threat Islam poses to our way of life. For this he has been widely criticised by the EU Merkel dominated ruling elite

A key Muslim policy has been to out breed native populations. I saw a bleeding heart TV interview two days ago with two 'poor' men claiming to be Syrian one travelling with his wife and six children and the other with his with wife and eight children. All looked well clothed and well fed so refugess they were not in my opinion. Put families like that into a Muslim ghetto dominated by some firebrand Imanns and 10 years later you have a load of homegrown Jihadis itching to kill kafirs.

In the mean time there will be lots of fully fledged Jihadis merging with the genuine refugees so trouble will start soon after their rehoming with various grievances dusted off  for the Guardianistas like Toynbee..

There are many other aspects of Islam that runs counter to our culture. Their desire to have their own Sharia courts and live by their own laws. (Will that include four wives?)

But here are the wimin, the Polly Toynbees? Muslim views on women are medieval and barbaric, segregation etc but not a word from the feminist brigade.

I lived briefly in Sudan an Islamic country. I knew several Oxbridge educated Sudanese in the UK who when I met them in Sudan had been in the modern parlance radicalised by the Muslim brothers. The truth was that they could not withstand the pressure from their families to resist these religous fundamentalists  Thus it will be in our country. In their ghetto surounded by their family and would be Jihadis they will at best keep their heads down and neither hear, see or speak anything against Muslim fanatics just as Roman Catholics could not oppose the IRA in Northern Ireland. Forty years on they are still trying to find the bodies of the disappeared!

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