Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Big EUphile lies

One today from M Hollande on our EU referendum,

“The only possible way for those who’re not convinced about Europe is to leave Europe. There’s no other way.”

The conflation of Europe with the EU is the single biggest lie and is peddled ad nauseam by K Clarke, M Heseletine etc. Our referendum will be on our membership of the dirigiste EU. Perhaps M Hollande should take a look at the map. The UK is clearly part of Europe and always will be  as incidentally is Russia. Moscow is 1000 miles west of the Urals which have been the accepted Eastern boundary of Europe for over two thousand years.

Membership of the EU guarantees our security. This is worse than a lie. Membership of the EU threatens to involve us in continental wars. Right now it is the presence of German influence in the Ukraine  that is the likliest cause of a war between the EU and Russia. Putin is absolutely right not to tolerate Merkel's jack boots on Russia's borders.

Syria is of course another possible flash point. Russia will keep al Asaad in power and there is nothing the EU or even the US can do about it. We need Putin's help in the Middle East. He can exist quite well without the "colleagues".

Our security depends on N ATO not the EU.

Four  million UK jobs depend on our membership of the EU. Well only today the DT Business section headlined, "Brexit holds no worries, say bosses". This message is slowly starting to get through. UK jobs depend on trade with the whole world of which around 35% tops is with Europe.

We have been trading with Europe for many thousands of years as archeological finds in Orkney, Stonehenge etc prove. Much of the trade was across the North Sea to Scandanavia and some to the Middle East with the Phoenicians. Jobs depend on trade not pompous wind bag corrupt politicians.

Conflating the EU with Europe is the lie at the bottom of all this. Its a lie that has to be challenged wherever it is peddled and by whomsoever it is peddled. That is the only way to defeat the EU propaganda machine.


Anonymous said...

We will never get out of the clutches of the EUSSR until all the spurious 'economic arguments' are debunked
this is good news indeed

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you. These falacious arguments need to be rubbished at every opportunity. I regret I have been declared persona non grata in UKIP by Farage and his useless sidekicks, Crowther, Nuttall and Arnot. The latter seems to be putting on weight alarmingly. I can only attribute this to over eatng at the EU trough.

I would love a chance to take on Clarke, Heseltine Clegg etc in debate.