Saturday, 12 March 2016

BBC debate rigging trick 8

This Saturday morning I inadvertenly saw the BBC so called viewers feedback program introduced by the very nice Samira Ahmed in which the Beeb is of course judge and jury in viewers complaints on their unfair biased presentations.

The complaint concerned Marr's rude and biased non interview wih BoJo last  Sunday in which Marr did not let BoJo get a word in edgeways. The trick was to use two late middle aged elderly ladies to badly articulate the complaint, hardly a positive image which was what the Beeb intended.

The Beeb editorial defence was that they had a duty to ensure the questions people want answers to were addressed. How can the BBC appointed unelected editor claim to know what the public want to know. Surely that is the perogative of our elected representatives! The claim then went on to the Andrew Neil defence that the interviewer had carte blanche to interupt the interviewee to stop waffle. but this only seems to apply to those supporting the leave campaign. Remain spokesmen suffer far fewer and much less rude interuptions from BBC interviewers.

Its another BBC bias trick.

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