Monday, 14 March 2016

Boris nails that slime ball hypocrit Obama

There is a great piece by BoJo  in the Telegraph today on Obama's hypocrisy

I won't attempt to paraphrase it as BoJo writes better than I can.

I would add look at how Obama vilified BP's disaster for sordid political gain. Anyone who thinks Obama has the best interests of the people of the UK close to his heart should hear him on Deepwater Horizon tradgedy calling BP, British Petroleum, a trading name BP have not used for 25 years to emphasise it was the Brits wot did this should think again. He is just another sordid American politician playing to his red neck supporters for his own ends.

One hundred and sixty nine workers died on Piper Alpha a US owned rig in the North Sea. Thatcher our PM did not attempt to make political capital out of human loss. The US obviously think differently, walk tall like Clegg, chew gum like Dubaya and kick asslike Obama only make sure its a Brit bum that gets kicked..

Don't listen to him. It is disgraceful of Cameron to invite him to our country to attempt to influence voters.

Here is what the convert David Owen has to say on Guido

The message is f off Obama and try collecting a few guns in the US to help your own people.


Stephen Harness said...

Boris at his best. He can win this campaign with the correct guidance and information.

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed he can with help from the EU, call me Dave and Cleggy