Thursday, 10 March 2016

How the EU endangers our security

We fought 2 wars in the 20th century to save us from German domination. It cost us much gold and many lives. Why are our political elite so keen to see us once more under the heel of the German jack boot. Perhaps Betty von Battenburg wiith her numerous German cousins can enlighten us on this matter.

On the front page of today's DT business section the Icelandic prime minister tells us the UK has 'little say' in EU affairs. The first paragraph says,

"Britain has little or no say over decisions made in an EU increasing ly dominated by German interests. We have recently seen the humiliating spectactle of our prime minister goiing cap in hand round the capitals of the EU asking for nothing substantial and getting nothing at all.

"A leader of non-EU member state, Iceland’s Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson warned larger member states like the UK wield “diminishing power” in institutions still under the sway of the Franco-German alliance. 
“When it comes to the big stuff the decisions are made by two, and increasingly one country” Mr Gunnlaugsson told The Telegraph. 
“Others are called to  meetings to approve of what has been decided, if not in the afternoon then during the middle of the night.
“This seems to have become the standard way of doing things in Brussels”, he said."
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The Norseman is telling us the truth. The claims that we can influence EU rules are hogwash, we cannot. Its a fairy tale the EU piles tell to justify their huge EU salaries funded at our expense.

I don't recall Dr Frau Merkel touring the EU capitals to get their permission to open EU doors to unlimited migration.

Germans are the most hated nation in Europe including Russia. They have trashed every other country in Europe except ours and now thanks to Cameron they wll be wved in to trash the UK as well. They are a nasty militaristic nation who want to have an army. They can't call it the Wehrmacht so they willl call it the EU army. Before Bismark it was the French who wrecked and pillaged other European states but now the best they can managed is to polish German boots.

Sooner or later they will foment a European war against Russia with their 'European' army. That means your sons and daughters will become cannon fodder for the Fourth Reich.  The Russians not us defeated Hitler's Panzer amies in 44/45. They had 150 years earlier defeated Napoleons Grande French Armee. I have no doubt Putin's Russia is capable of defeating the EU army. 

The Russian's have strong memories of what they call, 'The Great Patriotic War' and also WWI when they fought with us against the Germans and their Turkish allies. One hundred years before that in 1812 they defeated Napoleon who lost half a million men roughly the same number the Germans lost at Stalingrad.

I thought we had learned our lesson in WWI never to ally ourselves with Continental powers in a European land war. It seems the lessons are all forgot. If we stay in the EU it will drag us into another European land war and I do not think the Yanks will see it in their interests to come to the aid of the EU. 

The EU warmongers are a huge danger to our security and the lives of our children. Vote to leave on 23 June!

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