Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Putin said what he would do and did it

The great mistake the political elite made in the 1930s was not to read Mein Kampf and believe Hitler was telling the truth about his strategic aims. Its the same with Putin as described in an excellent piece by Tim Marshal, click to read,


Putin is like all Russians a longterm thinker. I know I lost to enough Russian chess players as a junior. We are run by a bunch of juvenile shorterm non-thinkers like Osborne and Cameron both PR men with little grasp of history. Putin is a Czar.

Putin will control the Ukraine as Russia always has done for many centuries. The EU better shut up.


Edward Spalton said...

Coincidentally, my wife recently remarked of Mr Putin " Americans play poker. Russians play chess"

In 2009 ( if I remember aright) I forecast the Russian resumption of control over the Crimea . It's about 8 minutes in to an in depth interview
with an earnest young American journalist in 2009. It had the rather lengthy title " Germany, the EU,
the Disunited Kingdom and the Democratic Deficit" and is in the video section on www.eurosceptic.org.uk

In combination with the Americans, the EU is fighting a proxy war of expansion in the Ukraine with the original aim of depriving
Russia of its warm water " springboard to the Mediterranean" at Sebastopol. The proxy war in Syria was started for the same reason -
to deprive Russia of its naval base there.

Putin check mated that game too.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree with Mrs Spalton. The Russians are mpressive intellctually. I remember thinking how intellectually lighht weight Nancy Regan looked compared to Raisa Gorbachev. They are the greatest chess playing nation in the world.