Sunday, 20 March 2016

TV this morning IDS outstanding. UKIPs blethering Legge useless

IDS gave a sterling performance today on the Marr show with a cogent top level critique of Flashman Cameron and Boy George Speedicut,, the bully and his oik. Bojo  wisely went ski-ing but he'll be back.

Sad to see Ros Altman so full of bile against her old boss. She used to work as Blair's pension adviser in his 1997 days. That did not last long. I met her a couple of times around 1999. I always thought she was a very nice Yiddishe Momma. I guess IDS must have rubbished one of her pet ideas but that's what Secs of State are paid to do to their underlings. Funny that all IDS's other junior ministers say good things about him. Flashman and Speedicutt know how to deal with recalcitrant fags.

Read whay Tory Home has to say about Ros by clicking below

Continuing on the Old Etonian theme the belted Earl Dartmouth and incoherent UKIP MEP for the SW got duffed up by Tory Europhile Julie Girling.MEP  He makes BoJo look coherent but is not nearly as amusing or clever. British political life would be much improved if Legge could stop rambling on TV and returned to his mummy Acid Raine for the duration of the referendum campaign. He could spend his time improving his mind by reading Grandma Cartland's romantic novels.

Mutti Merkel's latest deal is already unravelling. How on earth are the EU SS going to force these migrants back to Turkey? Its going to make great TV.


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