Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Frank Field says Vote Leave

Frank Field MP is one of the few in the HoC who deserve the title honourable. He is that and also honest and decent. He sits as a Labour MP for Birkenhead one of the most deprived areas in the country and his work in attempting to better the lot of ordinary working people is second to none. He shames Diane Abbott, Chuka Umuna, Yvette Balls etc who have made a very lucrative living out of their lip service claims that they came into politics to help  the poor.

Read Politics Home by clicking link below and find out Frank's views.


I quote two sections of this piece below.

Mr Field argued that the parliamentary Labour party was out of touch with the party’s grassroots and warned “vast swathes” of voters could flock to Nigel Farage’s party, incredulous at the leadership’s pro-EU stance.

With doubts being cast about Mr Cameron’s future as Prime Minister should the UK back Brexit, Mr Field urged voters to seize on the chance of a change at the top of the Government by voting to Leave.

The second point endorses what I wrote a week ago. Corbyn has an unmissable chance to topple Cameron and Osborne in this Referendum. He only has to give Labour MPs a free vote and disown Postie Johnson who seems to have lost his marbles. Does he want more auserity for working people? If Labour props up Cameron in this election that is what they will get.  Labour will suffer the same fate it met in Scotland when they propped up the Tories in the Scottish Referendum vote and will be decimated by UKIP in 2020.

Corbyn has no idea what to do when faced with an open goal. You just boot the ball into the net! Its so easy.

The left wing case for Leave is very strong for the poor, cheaper food and higher wages. That should win a lot of Labour working class votes rather than banging on about anti - semitism for the North London elite.

Here is Frank Field talking to the Cockburn woman today on the left wing case for Brexit


A great quote from the interview,

“many of the social rights, which are trumpeted about as European, were ones which we actually took into Europe. It’s not that in fact somehow workers in this country were bereft of rights until we joined the European Union.”

This a standard EU ploy, claiming credit for things they had nothing to do with like keeping the peace in Europpe which was of course done by NATO set up long before the Treaty of Rome.

Its clear Mrs May is positioning herself to replace Dave if the Remains lose the referendum so Corbyn has an ally there as well but she does seem a bit devious for a Marxist

The EU is forever pursuing big US corporations, Google, Apple etc but why does it not pusue Big EU corporations like VW whose diesels are poisoning us all. Protecting VW's tarnished reputation clearly comes before the health of EU citizens.

Owen Patterson made an excellent speech today spelling out what will happen to us if we do not vote leave on 23rd June. Its a no brainer except for the brainless LibDems and their fellow travellers. Click to listen. IDS does a 5 min intro you can skip past if you wish.


Finally a great cartonn from Kate Hooey says it all



Stephen Harness said...

Mrs May seems to be on an Operation Cover-up. No more plunging necklines, scaffolding and blonde rinse.
Frank field is a rare genuine politician. Good to have him in the leave camp.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree re Mrs May's cover up strategy. She should stick to crocodile shoes.