Thursday, 28 April 2016

How do ordinary people oppose the establishment political elite?

I was always a great admirer of the late Bob Crow, a man of prnciple who always stood up for his ordinary working members. The news that one Brendan Barber, former general secretary of the TUC willl share a platform with Dodgy Dave to try and save his referendum in reurn for political favour shows how far the establishment extends its tentacles. To whom can ordinary people turn to oppose this self serving political elite? Sir/Lord Barber is no longer a trade union man but a member of the establishment upholding privilege against the workers.

The union movement has been bought by Dodgy Dave .Click on link below to see the details of the  sordid deal.

Bernard Jenkin the Tory MP and chairman who chairs the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, delivered a scathing assessment of the reports in the Commons today, and called for an investigation into whether it broke the ministerial code.

Bernard Jenkin in the House of Commons, 28/04/16

Its cash for questions all over again. Worse its manifesto promises for sale to save Dave's oily skin.

He concluded: “This stinks; this reeks of the same as cash for questions; this Government really is at the rotten heart of the European Union.” 

What do you expect of a rotten to the core Prime Minister who prostitued us round the EU capitals for nothing. He is a serial failure seeking to save his skin.

Lets worry less about Labour's jewish problem and more about the future of our children.

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