Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dave the weather vane PM pre WWIII

This was dug out by AFN's researchers as what Dave was saying re EU referendum 6 months ago. A brain dead Lib Dem could spot the difference, then and now.

IDS was OK on AFN he is a good speaker but he is an unphotogenic middle aged white Tory  That image does not appeal to Joe Public.. Get on Gisela, Pritti and Kate for God's sake before it is too late. If you want a Tory male use Liam Fox. Voters don't like bald men as H Wislon found out with one Patrick Gordon Walker in a election.

Farage was reasonable on Peston. We are stuck with him so lets make the best of it. Could be worse..

Boris is spot on about mid European dictators over the last 400 years, Philip II of Spain Louis IV of France, Napoleon and Hitler. Its a rock solid reason never to get involved in European allliances. Better off out!

Carney is dreadful. He obviously does not understand the office of Governor. He is increasingly Osborne's creature. Marr should have asked Carney why he has for many years failed to hit the inflation target and why having said when he took up his post he would look at raising interest rates when unemployment fell to 7%, three years later unemployment is 5% and still no rate rise.

Carney is a PR merchant not a central banker. They should have given the job to my old boss Paul Tucker.


Stephen Harness said...

Boris is a walking disaster and worse, he is a loose canon looking to be PM. The EU is not his campaign. I am disgusted that Boris is using Hitler as a comparison to the empire building of present day EU. In fact I am ashamed.

Eric Edmond said...

You may well be correct. Fact is we are stuck with Boris & Farage. as you know I would have had the women fronting the campaign backed up by Hanaan, Fox and Gove.

Stephen Harness said...

Yes Hannan's book is a good read and he has a safer pair of hands.