Wednesday, 4 May 2016

We need our Donald Trump to get us out of the EU

I saw him on TV this morning giving his victory speech after winning the Indiana primary. It was gracious and to the point and I was mighty impressed. He reminds me a bit of BoJo hair and all with a refreshing tendency to speak his mind the way ordinary folks talk. Click below to see it

another clip

His message is we are going to make the US win again.

His comments on companies relocating to other countries sum up what is wrong with the EU that our self serving political elite want us to vote to stay in. The US

He rightly warns that the biggest risk we face is Islamic terrorism from Muslim countries and he wants to take ISIS out asap.

He won against a better financed opposition and his comments have a big message for us ti win our Vote Leave

The full speech lasts 20 mins and is well worth listening to. Forget about the self serving Obama and the dodgy Democrat Clinton. Listen to Trump!


Stephen Harness said...

Good speech and I hope he can pull this off. He will have many enemies opposing him and even plotting his downfall.

Eric Edmond said...

He sure will have the whole left wing New England lberal elite against him but he is saying the things that concern ordinary people. The pundit wisdom is that no one can be President without winning the Hispanic vote. There's a message there for us re the Muslim vote. We are starting to divide on sectarian lines like what happened in Paddy land. Death knell of democracy.

Stephen Harness said...

That animal on his heads will make a good target. I just hope that he remains true to his promises. A difficult thing to do in office and there will be a lot of disappointed citizens if he does not make America great again. How do we measure that achievement. I wish him well.