Thursday, 30 June 2016

After Boris back to boring politics

I was sorry Boris pulled out of the Tory leadership race. He made politics fun and interesting. Look at what's left: All a bit boring.

Paddy Power have profiled the five Tory leadership contenders – they’re offering Theresa May at 4/7, Michael Gove at 5/2, Andrea Leadsom at 9/2 and then long shots Stephen Crabb at 20/1 and Liam Fox at 40/1

I have doubts that Theresa May a long time diabetic would be able to stand up to the irregular hours, irregular meals and time zone differences. PM is a tough job, see how it aged Cameron. I just don't think Mrs May's health will stand up to it. She is also the oldest of the candidates.

She will also have to answer why she hid in her Home Office bunker presumably behind the ministerial sofa and let others including BoJo do the fighting only to emerge and try to claim the spoils. I don't know what she believes in other than herself.

Crabb flaunts his working class credentials but both Liam Fox and Michael Gove come from similar working class backgrounds and have far more achievements to their name than Mr Crabb than simply coming from humble origins..

Liam Fox would be my preferred choice but he has a big skeleton in  his cupboard ,Adam Werethy. It is alleged that when Sec of State for Defence he gave close friend, lobbyist Adam Werritty, access to the Ministry of Defence and allowed him to join official trips overseas. He has to answer that one quickly if he wants to be PM.

Michael Gove would be excellent but does he really want the job?

I have just read on Guido about Osborne, Hancock Gove plot to knife Boris who put his career on the line for Brexit. Sickening so |G|ove is also a no no.

Andrea Leadsom has a little too much of the Southern Margaret Thatcher image about her to win up North. The same can be said of Mrs May, a fine headgirl but not a PM. There are also questions about Mrs Leadsom's off shore banking arrangements for her and hubby's property company which I would say may be more damaging than Adam Werrity is to Fox

Its either Fox or Leadsom now for me.


Stephen Harness said...

So disappointed that Jacob Rees Mogg did not apply.

Anonymous said...

Dear readers of this blog,

Go on Google maps and have a good look at the political map of Europe, then look at Turkey, now ask yourself the question "what country divides Israel from Turkey"?

The answer of course is "Syria"...

A destabilised and collapsed Syria paves the way for Israel to become directly linked to the EU.

What does this mean?

It means that the EU (soon to be military) super-power becomes politically linked and directly controlled by (the bankster's in) Jerusalem.

Soviet Union, European Union; it's the same hidden-hand controlling the EU glove puppet!

Eric Edmond said...

Re Rees Mogg I agree but its not his scene. He would be another Old Etonian