Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How Remain ruthlessly exploited Jo Cox's Death, Project Grief

Here is the link to an outstanding piece similar to what about the cynical way the establishment are exploiting this poor girl's tragic death. Please take the time to read it.


The EU hugely benefits one group of people, the political elite of which Jo Cox was one. As this group is over-represented in th HoC it is no surprise that MPs are heavily in favour of the UK staying in the EU.

The summary of Cameron's less than stellar performance on the non-Question time is taken from the Daily Mail and sums things up:

And if BBC’s Sunday night Question Time is anything to go by, the people are still not getting the sanctimonious message that to insist on your right to self-governance makes you some kind of Nazi. This is Mail Online’s summary of the exchanges:
'You're a 21st Century Neville Chamberlain!’ 
Cameron mocked for appeasing EU leaders as he is hammered AGAIN by voters over his failure to tackle immigration
  • Repeatedly mauled by the audience over failure to tackle immigration
  • One woman told him public services at risk of being 'flooded'
  • Another accused him of behaving like Chamberlain over EU renegotiation 
  • Refused three times to say he would veto Turkey joining the EU
  • Mr Cameron hit out at Nigel Farage for promoting 'intolerance' 
  • Urged politicians to respect the memory and 'values' of Jo Cox 
The people of Britain stand in one corner, their elders and betters in another. We will soon see if Project Fear and Project Grief have done their worst. Or if we have the courage to take back control.

Be clear, if you support Vote Leave, in the eyes of the Political Elite you are a Nazi.

The real Nazis are wearing the red ties

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