Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Remain also has an old white male image problem.

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Old white male with white female of a certain age.

Jeremy Corbyn and Pat Glass

Gisela Stuart was excellent on Sky and Radio4 this morning. She is very measured and listens tothe question and answers it. She filleted BBC wallah Justin Webb by picking out particular phrases in his long rambling questions, 'If we choose'. Precisely replied Ms Stuart that is what I am campaigning for so we can choose what we want and not have to swallow the Brussel sprouts which we have all hated from school dinners.

God how these BBC types love the sound of their own voices expecially Newsnights Gollum dwarf. We want to hear from the interviewee. We already know the BBC script by heart. We hear it every day on Radio and TV.

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