Saturday, 11 June 2016

This is how Vote Leave wins the Referendum

 Vote Leave have got this referendum won. They can only lose it on a BoJo gaff. It is also obvious that Remain will target BoJo in their vicious, increasingly desperate ad Hominen attacks.How should Vote Leave react? Simples, dont put up BoJo!

Most of the still undecided voters are Labour women. So who should Vote Leave put up? Easy, Labour women and secondly Tory women. So it should be nonstop Gisela Stuart and Kate Hoey in the run up to 23rd June on all the high profile radio and TV backed up by Priti Patel, TheresaVilliers and possibly Andrea Leadsom. My misgivings about Ms Leadsom are able as she is she has a bit of the Margaret Thatcher about her..

If you want white middle aged males then Liam Fox and Frank Field are the guys but defintely not IDS, Grayling or Whiiingdale and never, ever, ever Farage. Promise him a seat on the red leather and he will behave. I should have included the outstanding Dan Hanaan as a great Vote Leave asset. He exudes quiet competence and real knowledge in depth on the EU's corrupt practices.

I was a junior international chess player in my youth and IN does not have a good reply to the Vote Leave women. Amber Rudd and Maria Eagle came across badly this week and Nicola Sturgeon has her own agenda. There are no nice Tory women or perhaps just no nice Tories. No one would describe Thersa May as warm and cuddly. If I were Cameron I would promise Woolaston any thing to get her to go up against Vote Leave's female stars.

A bigger problem is to persuade BoJo to take a back seat for a while. I would put it to him thus. If you want to be PM, and everybody says he does, your best chance is for Cameron to lose this referendum when he will have to resign as Tory leader and it will be a choice between BoJo, the currently invisible Theresa May and Liam Fox. Call it the first tiumvirate, Pompey, Crassus and Caesar. I am sure BoJo would seize the JC role but who will be Cassius?

I am quite enjoying being a political anorak!

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