Sunday, 3 July 2016

Dan Hanaan backs Michael Gove

Dan Hanaan put in more effort than any other politician to win the Referendum for Brexit. He travelled the length and breadth of the land for at least 6 months prior to the 23rd June, 7 days a week making speeches, leafletting in the high streets and pressing the flesh. He made a particular effort to connect with the 18 to 25 group by organising Vote Leave events in Universities and Colleges.  I heard him speak at Exeter University where he spent a good hour afterwards talking to members of the audience including me. He was unfailingly polite and answered directly every question put to him. His book, "Why Vote Leave" converted many to our cause. it was a clear calm reasoned tour de force of why we had to get out of the EU to save our country. As he pointed out he was asking us to make him redundant. I have never heard a politician ever say that!

We should therefore listen to his views on who the next PM should be. He recommends voting for Michael Gove and if you click link below you can read his reasons.

I quote from his article:

Who, of all the leadership candidates, has the strongest record for taking on vested interests? There can surely be no doubt, even among his detractors. Michael Gove is the ultimate blob-buster, the minister who prises open departmental closed shops. As Education Secretary, he was determined to make schools work for consumers rather than producers. Result? For the first time, the best state schools are better than the best private schools. He then went on to take on the equivalent vested interests in our criminal justice system – notably the human rights activists. We badly need such an approach across government.

There are times in the life of a nation when a steady-as-she-goes candidate is ideal. Now is not such a time. 

 ... current circumstances call for something exceptional: for a leader who is prepared to reorient the British state machine to a more agile, more global, more responsive way of thinking. When I ask myself who is likeliest to deliver such a transformation, there can be little doubt.
In all the time I’ve known him, Michael Gove has never once abandoned his vision of what a modern, democratic Britain might achieve. Politely, patiently but flintily, he has sought to advance that goal in every job he has held. You won’t find a more principled politician.
He does not criticise the other candidates but I will. May is a political coward and represents the establishment we are trying to escape from. Crabb makes far too much of his council house upbringing by a single mother. Fox was also brought up on a Glasgow council estate but he rightly never mentions it. If I were a Tory I would vote for Fox in the early rounds. I know he got in trouble over his friend, former flat mate and best man Werrity. He did the honourable thing and resigned as Defence secretary. There was no financial impropriety.

I can see nothing wong with Liam Fox as a man or politician but for some reason the Tories do not rate him...

Gove has a similar humble background and was educated at the local state grammar school in Aberdeen. Both Gove and Fox are men of principle and the Tories are lucky to have them. Either would do well as PM. Both are clearly a cut above the establishment candidate May. Andrea Leadsom did well in the debates but I lacks Gove & Fox's experience and vision..

I would go with Dan Hanaan and go for Gove.


L fairfax said...

Who should be UKIP's new leader in your opinion? Any chance that it could be Leroy Young?

Eric Edmond said...

I have just written a blog on Farage resignation. Delroy Young would be good for UKIP but what of Nuttall, Woolfe etc.