Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Replace cheap immigrant labour with machines

That is the theme of Dr North's blog today. I recommend reading it.


 It is headlined with the great picture of a grape picking machine I reproduce below:

This illustrates perfectly the machines UK engineering should be producing, high added value eqipment with a big worldwide market. So it boosts our engineering sector and cuts down on the problems  cheap labour brings extra demnd on our services like schools and hospitals. If the immigrants are skilled design engineers that can help us make machines like this then great but we do not need more unskilled labour or politicians.

The day before Dr North was back on his favourite topic:

The day before, one of Dr North's favourite topics.

Brexit: shambles at the top

Monday 15 August 2016  

Well there is a lot of truth in this but if you go back to the 1880s there was a department called the Board of Trade where old Planty Palliser made his name and which handled all trade matters and headed up by a Cabinet Minister. Time to bring it back. The FO has never had any interest in promoting UK trade as per the old snob's remark his family was in trade. I am not convinced that when Mrs May pencilled in FO after BoJo's name that she did not mean the Foreign Office.

Richard North 15/08

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