Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Shameless Chakrabati, latest in a long line of Labour hypocrits

People like Chakrabati and Diane Abbott  make a fine rich living on the back of the poor and huudled masses yearning to be free.An empowered, educated, genuine working class is the last think that pair want. Keep them poor and they will keep on voting Labour and keep Chakrabati and Abbott in comfort is the message.

Read all the comments in below from the Guido post and you will find how that pair and others exploit the poor.

This comment I reproduce below gives a flavour of the sentiment

The labour party 
A bunch of Rich people
Telling all the Poor people
To vote for the bunch of Rich people
By telling the Poor people
That OTHER rich people
is the reason they are Poor

Click on the link above to read the over 350 comments in a similar vein and read Animal Farm!

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