Friday, 14 October 2016

The so called single market is not a Market its a Franco German racket

It is not a market, it is a common regulatory regime for the EU controlled by Franco German lobbyists in Brussels. Guido today exposes the myth that we have to be in the Single Market to trade with the EU by pointing out that the USA is not in it but last year did almost 2 trillion US $ of trade with the EU! They paid not a cent to the EU for this trade nor did they accept EU regulations in their domestic market which as members we have had to aceept often to our detriment eg Dyson's problems with vacuum cleaner specs suited to German manufacturers. Nor did they accept uncontrolled immigration as we have to.

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As Guido says,

Bear this in mind when you read hysterical articles in the newspapers… 

Also every time you hear some know nothing politician bleating we have tp be in the single market for jobs. The truth is we will be far better off outside the so called single market and it wont cost us a red cent.

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You might find this video on the future of UKIP (from a non-UKIP supporter) interesting