Wednesday, 23 November 2016

St Jo of Cox

The killing of Jo Cox was a tragedy for her two young children. I feel deeply for them. To be deprived of their mother at such a young age is awful.

However many other children have been deprived of their mother by murderers. They all deserve our deepest sympathy not just the death of  an MP highlighted by the media.

She chose a political career. She was a political careerist, a Mrs Kinnock spad. All careers come with risks  one knows when one makes the career choice. Asssassination is a well known risk politicians run for thousands of year.

What troubles me is the implication that MPs are more important than anyone else. They should be treated exactly the same as any one else, no better, no worse.

Thomas Mair the killer had no police record. He was a loner. I do not understand why the judge could describe him as a terrorist. If you examined the bookshelves of the liberal elite you might well find extreme left wing terrorist literature that advocates violent protest. Mair committed a heinous murder but deserves the same justice as is meted out to other brutal killers, no more no less.

Jo Cox no more deserves a halo than Airey Neave, Ian Gow, Jack Kennedy or any other politician killed for their beliefs.




Quiet_Man said...

Wonder what her constituents caught up in the grooming scandal make of her. Not that Labour will ever admit they were at fault.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes indeed. My impression is that her constituents were not Jo Cox's first priority. Just as Jezza chose to lead on the plight of the Chagos Islanders at PMQs so many Labour MPs champion those far from our shores. Charity begins at home!

Henry IX said...

How's 'Real Deal'... ooohhh, arrhhhh Diane 'real deal' James, your hero??? Did I ever tell you that Paddy Ashdown said that if the Eastleigh by-election had been a week longer, she'd have won....

Eric Edmond said...

She came closer than an UKIP candidate to winning a Westminster seat excluding former Tories defending their own seats. Ask Paddy, he is in Richmond until next Friday.