Monday, 28 November 2016

Where have all the Lib Dems gone?

I live in a Somerset Village called Norton sub Hamdon which has been a Lib Dem rotten borough for the last  30 years. Normally its hotching with Lib Dems but today its like the deserted village.They have all migrated to Richmond and can only be seen on vox pop TV. Even the great Lord and his Lady and  their dog have gone.

God help the good burghers of Richmond infested by this plague of Lib Dems. They do not deserve this infestation. Time for Moses to appear and drive them back to Islington..

I shall be interested in the outcome of this saturation bombing. Like Ms Oakeshott I opine it will be counter productive. If you are a voter and have already voted I advise immediate evacuation. I also  advise you avoid the one whom Quentin Letts decscribed as having narrowed eyes like a rabbit with mixy.

If the Lib Dems do win I predict a BBC LibDem love in. Difficult as they both love themselves so much already.

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