Sunday, 4 December 2016

Ratty Paddy

As I have written before I live in the same Somerset village as Paddy Ashdown. I went out for my lunch time walk today to find Paddy, Jane and AN Other wandering down on the other side of the road  in the same direction about 30 yatds ahead. In front of me were a couple of LIb Dems who shouted congrats to Paddy on the Richmond resut which Paddy graciously accepted. As I came level I remarked that Jane, who has recently had a knee op was walking much better.  I then asked Paddy when Olney, the new Richmond MP, was giving her next interview.This seemed to upset Paddy who went on he came to Norton to get away from politics and could I not leave it alone. I immediately put some distance between him and me so did not hear the end of his statements.

The previous Sunday I had been accused by Paddy's son in front of Paddy and Jane of taking away his children's future, supporting Donald Trump etc ie the usual LibDem smears  about anyone who dared support Brexit. Neither Paddy or Jane asked their son to desist. I did not reply and walked off.

Neither Paddy or his wife asked his son to desist from his upsetting and completely inaccurate remarks to me. No mention of getting away from politics then! Paddy maintains a high political profile on TV and other media. There is often a TV satellite van parked outside in the road for Paddy to be interviewed in his house. If Paddy wants to live as a private citizen he should not apppear so regularly on National TV which of course everyone can watch. If he wants to be in national  politics then he should take what comes with this.

He is an unelected peer. That gives him a platform for his views that is denied to us lesser mortals. There must be some way such peers can be held accountable. I stand ready to appear on any platform with him TV or otherwise to rebut his Lib Dem opinions to ensure a more balanced view.

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