Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Brexit can be easy if you believe in it.

The FCO is a woeful organisation. Ivan the incompetent could not negotiate himself out of a paper bag and he should have resigned after Cameron went. Good riddance!

Ivan sees himself as a European first and last and the EU, not the UK is his country.. The French see themselves  as French, the Germans as Germans and even Mrs Clegg sees herself as Spanish but Ivan the incompetent sees himself as an EU citizen.

We must make it clear that we are leaving the Single Market and the Common Tariff area. We offer two options to the EU we either continue with the stats quo sans free movement, sans the ECJ and sans  EU financial regulation. The alternative is we fall back on WTO rules where atarifs will rise for us and the EU. As we import far more from the EU than they do from us that will be a big financial gain for us possibly around £10bn pa. Add the £10 bn to the saving in EU budget contributions and we will be easily £20 bn plus better off.

Its easy peasy.

Look how Trump is doing fine for the US using Twitter to disseminate his foreign policy and ignoring diplomatic conventions..

We should abolish our foreign aid dept DFID and give aid directly to specific projects that can then be badged as UK not EU projects. That should save another £10bn pa.

We need people who believe in a positive Brexit to implement it. Another Ivan will simply not do.


Anonymous said...

We should also point out that if they try to harm us, they can't count on our help in case of a Russian attack on Eastern Europe.

Eric Edmond said...

tHAT is an excellent negotiating point but i would put it in a very nuanced way.