Monday, 9 January 2017

UK diplomats got us into the EU mire. Why does anyone think they can get us out?

First they are all KCMG Sirs, Kim Darroch, Ivan Rogers and our latest man in the EU Tim Barrow KCMGs all which as any fule do kno stands for Kindly Call me God. Darroch is now our man in Washington. When he was in Brussels he briefed Steve Hilton and Cameron's other advisers as to how the EU really worked. Steve Hilton went across to Brusseles to find that Darroch did not know what he was talking about. He thus became an obvious candidate for promotion to Washington but I think Trump may well be correct that the UK would be better served by N Farage as ambassador

Rogers came into the EU post and proceeded to lead Cameron up the garden path to his doom. It remains to be seen if Barrow will be any better. He was previously our man in Moscow so Putin will have all the dirt on Tim.

It beggars belief that anyone of common sense can think these three wise monkeys could ever get us out of the EU. They are all mired in FCO groupthink brainwashing. They would not be where they are without signing up to the EU creed but they are all one of us and that is what counts.

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