Saturday, 25 March 2017

Carswell has done himself a big favour by leaving UKIP

Douglas Carswell was denigrated and vilified by the UKIP controlling  Cabal. I sympathise and recognise his treatment. The same was meted out to me, Del Young, David Abbott and many others who dared oppose the cult leader. None of us spoke against or were disloyal to UKIP. All we did was work hard for UKIP's success.

I am sorry to see Carswell go. He was an able, decent, intelligent man so he was obviously a great danger to the Cabal's EU gravy train.. Carswell wanted to return power to ordinary party members and take it away from the UKIP ruling Cabal so he had to go.

What is left in UKIP is the money grubbing dregs of Alan Sked's great popular idealistic movement.

I wish Mr Carswell all the best in his future political career.

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