Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Out of touch House of Lords - the ugly smug face of privilege

I watched with horror the latest attempt by the unelected Lords to reverse the result of the people's vote to leave the EU They are deeply in love with their own importance and the sound of their own voices. They are clearly out of touch with ordinary people.

The June 23rd vote and the US November vote were votes against ruling political elites that are long past their sell by date. The leaping lords just don't get it especially my neighbour Paddy Ashdown who seems to be deeply in love with himself. on TV

We have to rid ourselves of this bloated useless elitist club that we have to pay a huge amount of money to maintain in lavish style. To use Henry II's words, can no one rid us of these turbulent Baronesses.

We heard a lot about the sovereignty of Parliament but nothing about the sovereignty of the British people. If we need representatives, and I do not think we do,why not just choose them at random from the population as a whole. At least then we would have a representative house.

Something has to be done about this place Mrs May. The USA gets by with 100 senators. Let us reduce the Lords to 80 and dispense with the other 800.


Niall Warry said...

In this country the people are NOT sovereign as parliament took over from a sovereign monarch which is where we still are today.

The first demand of The Harrogate Agenda says the people must be recognised as sovereign otherwise nothing will change.

The American Senate has two elected Senators from each state so if we had two per county our second chamber would consist of around 240 members.

Eric Edmond said...

Two per English county would yield 70 Lords The SNP do not participate in the leaping Lords farce. Wellies and Paddys would need special tratment.

Sovereign parliament was invented by Henry VIIi in his batttle with the Pope.

But Yes, I agree with you Major that it is the people that are sovereign. Its in the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320, written after the Jocks had duffed up the English at Bannockburn 1314. You can ask to see the original in the Vatican library.

Good to hear from you Major but plaese admit Mrs May is doing well in very difficult circumstancees.

Eric, private 3rd class

Niall Warry said...

You have been hitting too much whisky as Goggle tells me there are 83 counties in England that makes for 166 senators at two per county.

Stand at ease!

Eric Edmond said...

Obviously changed since my school days. Are you not looking at England and Wales?

Any way it does not matter that much as long as we cut the House of Lords down to size. If the US mansge with 100 senators we should be able to manage on 100 Lords.

Just watched the documentary on the HoL. I can see where G&S got their inspiration. Admiral West togged up in his no one uniform was priceless.

I think I will write in and nominate you Major if you have a fancy uniform.

Mrs May is shredding your pal North