Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The political cowardice of the UK political elite has proved terrorism works over my lifetime

I was revolted by the canonisation of the murderous McGuinness as a a man of peace. He was nothing of the sort and as Tebbit said the world is a better cleaner place without him. I keep my sympathy for the families of the many British soldiers killed by the IRA for trying to stop the Irish killing each other.  These men did not want to be involved in Ireland's never ending self inflicted so called troubles. To this day they are still hounded by HMG whilst IRA killers still walk free and pardoned by HMG to preserve Tony's so called peace process. Is there peace in Northern Ireland? Not in my view.

Its amazing how many people are  prepared to apologise for McGuinness, Michael Gove got well and deservedly shafted by Julia Hartley Brewer for saying a propos McGuinness its always sad when someone dies.He had no answer  when JHB said even Hitler?

McGuinness was due to be prosecuted and escaped justice by embracing Tony' s pseudo peace process ensuring the police ordered not to pursue their investigation. Tebbit was right to label McGuinness a coward but so were the UK political establishment trying to ensure they could be secure eating in their expensive London restaurants.

This had happened once before. Between 1976 and 1979 Roy Mason the Labour NI secretary had the IRA on the run by his unwavering use of proper police and legal process. The IRA were being beaten. Mason lost his job on 4th May 1979 when Thatcher won and the IRA were let off the hook by Mason's successor the Tory Atkins etc

The policy of appeasing the IRA rather than prosecuting them, Blair's policy, proved terrorism works. Islamic terrorists have learned this lesson well. That is why four people died today at Westminster. We will continue to pay in blood for Blair's policy errors for many years to come until we ditch our craven political elite.

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Niall Warry said...

Very good - And the ONLY answer to replacing our current political elite is for the PEOPLE to be given real power to have there views heard as set out in the six demands of The Harrogate Agenda.