Thursday, 30 March 2017

UK Fifth columnists are the real danger to Brexit

I have written on this topic before and today in the Telegraph there is a letter on this theme from Alan Sked, Scot and LSE history Professor and founder of UKIP.

I quote from Alan,s letter,

"These people (Heseltine, Blair and Farron) are wreckers who want Brexit to fail and be reversed. Like Anna Soubry, they believe the British people were 'insane' to vote to leave the EU. Perhaps Mr Blair still wants to be President of Europe.

In any case their loyalties are to Brussels not Britain.They are federalist  fifth-columnists"

I heard a German politico pontificating last night on BBC TV, (where else ?) on exactly these lines. We fought two wars last century to stop us being ruled by the Germans!

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