Friday, 14 April 2017

Donald Trump is starting to look a good President

Trump's major decision is to back his military. Thereafter he does the PR and leaves the management to the military who choose the target, the weapons to be used and the timing. No General wants to lose a single one of their men so clearly there will be as few boots on the ground as possible. That is the right strategy hence the use of cruise missiles in Syria and a huge thermobaric bomb in Afghanistan and minimal civilian casualties.The Yanks are also pursuing an achievable aim of denying the terrorists safe havens in which they can rest up and regroup. Its so good to have a leader who lets the guys who know the business get on with it.

I an a great admirer of the classless US military compared to our public school dominated army. I always compare the treatment of my old school pal Fairey who when a Major ran the Libyan embassy siege for the first two days despite requests from No 10 to speak to a proper officer. Also from my council house area and corporation school in Edinburgh there emerged one Robert Johnston who was Stormin Norman.s Chief of Staff in the Gulf war and retired a marines Lt General. How many Lt Generals in the British Army went to a council school?

The UK is still class ridden which holds us back as a country.  Our ruling political elite could learn a lot from Donald but they of course know they are right and Donald is wrong just like all of us who dared vote Brexit

To balance things out Julian Amery, old Etonian was a good minister and did two years behind enemy lines in the Balkans in WWII. His elder brother John was an Old Harrovian and was hanged for treason by Albert Pierrepoint, on 19th Dec 1945. Here is a good read if you like these things.

I have high hopes of the Donald. His mother was certainly not upper class and did not attend Eton or even Cheltenham Ladies.Its good to see the ex-public school bien pensants proved wrong. No lessons will be learned and these people will continue to rule over us unquestioned in their moral right to do so and talking from the moral high ground in high moral tones.


Anonymous said...

You have a thing about 'Class' the facts remain Thatcher, Major and May did not go to public schools and in any event there are surely as many incompetents from our upper as from the lower classes.

As to the military - yes it is true that in the teeth arms in my day, the 70s, many officers came from public schools but the selection process was tough and by and large our Army was recognised as one of the best if not the best in the world.

We know you rose from humble origins to great heights and all power to your elbow but do let go of the class thing it just makes you look chippy.

Criticise a person for what they do wrong not because of the class they are from.

Niall Warry said...

The above was from Niall Warry.

Eric Edmond said...

Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan went to grammar schools. I look at the facts Major, how many army officers Brigadier and above are there? How many went to public schools? Sorry Major the army is still riven with thicko class problems. Wilson was the cleverest PM we ever had. John Major and Nigel Farage did not get past 6th form.

Public school education buys privilege and oportunities denied to lower classes. How many Lt |Generals in the British Army were brought up on council estates and educated in ordinary state? My views are fact based yours Major are not. The tough selection process you claim only applies to ordinary folk not the hoi poloi

Niall Warry said...

You have completely missed my point which was that you should judge a person by their competence not their class.

Stephen Harness said...

I will think better of Donald Trump when he meets fact to face with Putin. Obama failed to do this and the cold war scenario is back to haunt us but keeping the armaments industries happy.

Kevin Renson said...

Well done Mr Edmond on one of the dumbest blog entries that must ever have been written. In order to try and demonstrate what you see as the USA's much more egalitarian way of doing things, you use as your example the educational background of Trump's mother, completely overlooking, either out of ignorance or wilfulness or both, the educational background of Trump himself - which was posh, private and expensive from his earliest schooling in kindergarten onwards. Oh, and when he got to his teens he was sent to a private military academy. Shock horror, who'da thunk it? Posh private academies are not the exclusive preserve of that horrible old British military system, they play a role in the Land of the Ever So Free too! Now fancy that!!!
Back to school for you, Mr Edmond, be it state or private or anything at all. As long as it's a good school it might even teach you to use more honest examples than a mother whose education suits your dubious methods of argument rather better than the education of her rather more relevant son. No wonder you kept schtum when you were invited to criticise Mrs Trump's son over his lies about our country's security forces. Clearly such dishonesty appeals to you.