Sunday, 2 April 2017

Shock, horror, local Lib Dem reads my blog

Yestreen I was accosted by a local Lib Dem bitterly complaining about what I had wriiten in my blog. This was music to my ears. That a fully paid up Lib Dem reads my blog is great news. That what I have written annoys them is even better. Its as my old boss in the Civil Service used to say it shows you are getting to them and as I live in, what can be described as a LibDem rotten borough, that is a good result. I feel like the Gay in Little Britain. I am the only non-Lib Dem in the village.

Unlike the Lib Dems I am given no time on mainstream TV or Radio so writing this blog is my only way of communicating my views to the British public, a great tribute to the internet and I hope to continue my writings for many years. As I have pointed out to the Lib Dems I always write under my own name. They know where I live and if I libel them, which I have never done, they have recourse to the UK/EU courts.

If any Lib Dem objects to what I write they can always post a comment. I do not moderate or edit posted comments so they can even post the entire Lib Dem manifesto!

I do think the Lib Dems might do very well in the South West in the coming May local government elections so I expect to see Farron on TV post 5th May proclaming the great Lib Dem revival. That is the difference between me and the Lib Dems. I try to be objective and see things as they are whereas  most Lib Dems are delusional. I do hope that they include a commitment to rejoin the EU in their 2020 general election manifesto as Farron has promised. That means joining the Euro, the best surefire vote loser in British politics,even better than Jezza Corbyn.


Stephen Harness said...

Well said Eric and I for one always enjoy your blog. Keep it up.

Eric Edmond said...

Thyank ypu Mr Harness. I will have more to say on the yellow LibDems