Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Clegg is nailed by Brillo as the biggest liar in British politics

Compared to Clegg Donald Trump is a man of outsanding honesty and integrity. Only Diane, can't count, Abbott gets close to Clegg on the UK barefaced political lie stakes. Its the way Clegg's eyes glisten with insincerity while porky after pork comes out of his mouth.


I recommend reading the comments on Clegg's awful performance. I quote a few below:

The people of Hallam should sling this fraudster out on June 8th.

Clegg couldn't lie straight in bed at night. We all know he's a lying hypocrite looking after the interests of the keepers of his soul in Brussels. There's nothing he won't say or do to serve them.

His argument seems to be "People don't watch us so I can say what I like"

If Clegg the smeg really thinks nobody watches the programme why did he bother turning up for it? He is deluded

Brexiteers believed the lies they saw on the news but didn't believe we'd be leaving the single market as they were told because they don't watch the news?

  • Nick Clegg. More slime than a snotty snot rag.
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        somebody PLEASE round these mendacious c$$ts, put them in a wardrobe, and push it off a cliff
        the amount of goalpost shifting is beyond ludicrous
        roll on june 8! grind these barefaced liars into the dirt!
      ....and this is why the Lib Dums are polling so badly. People are not as stupid as they seem to think we are. Treat us with contempt and we will return the favour in bucketloads!

      Doing this immidiatly after a piece as to why people don't like politicians is beyond satire.
      Well Done Nick. Hypocrisy incarnate.

      The look on Andrew Neil's face as Clegglied his way into a deeper and deeper hole was priceles.

      Roll on 8TH june and lets hope the voters of Shefffield Hallam rid us of this apology for a politician

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