Monday, 12 June 2017

Whither UKIP?

The news that coburn is to stand as UKIP leader and that Crowther is to be acting leader shows the dearth of talent in UKIP. Patrick O'Flynn is by far the ablest UKIP MEP. I hope he runs for leader. UKIP is a Greek tragedy which onlyMrs May's hubris  can surpass .but after hubris comes nemesis. Will it be Boris, DD or AN other? I don't know but I fear for Brexit and our democracy.

Farage ran UKIP as a cult with himself as cult leader. he cut and ran as soon as he could declaring job done like a rip off tradesman. When Farage left the job was only just started. He has his LBC chat show which is what he always wanted. UKIP foot soldiers have beeen fooled, used, abused and now deserted by Farage.  Do I feel sorry for UKIPers? Well not really they are well old enough to know better. I have some sympathy for the kids who got conned by Corbyn. I hope they learn sense as they grow up.

As for the Tories the Eton boating song comes to mind, 'For we're all in this together', but some are more in and some more out than others. I doubt head girl May can clear up the mess she has made. She has done great damage to our country but it was the Tory party that put her there. Angela Ledsom is a decent woman and Michael Gove a decent man. They could have chosen either. I remember my old BoE colleague and erstwhile cricketer Matthew Hancock MP saying he voted for May as we needed a steady hand on the tiller. Well Matthew, I would not want  butterfingers T May felding at first slip to my bowling.


Stephen Harness said...

I was impressed with Patrick O'Flynn and followed his journey into UKIP. I met him and was impressed by his speech to conference both before and after he joined UKIP. However he crossed swords with the Nigel Farage and his demise was then inevitable. Alternative thinking is not allowed within UKIP and Patrick should follow Carswell out of the pit. On Friday morning I listened to Farage commenting on the Newsnight Special. Sadly, but not surprising to me, Farage displayed his ignorance on the workings of the EU when commenting on the EU Custom Union. If only he had a brain.

L fairfax said...

What do you think about David Kurten? I have seen him speak and thought that he was great.
Farrage should have fostered talent as UKIP leader - not squashed it. In an ideal world he would have worked with people like Kilroy etc.

Eric Edmond said...

Any potential rival to Farage was smeared and shouted down by the UKIP rentamob paid by EU money