Monday, 31 July 2017

UK is showing African dictatorship traits

African dictators were very careful about when the went outside their country either on holiday or to international conferences. Even holidays outside the capital city can invite coup d'etats attempts, ask Mr Erdogan in Turkey.

Mrs May has gone on holiday in Italy and Switzerland with her long suffering hubby although she did break into it to attend the Passchendale memorial service at Ypres, well done Mrs  May but the bien pensants stayed in Tuscany.

At the same time Hammond and his side kick Rudd, sister of EU paid lobbyist Roland are busy messing up our Brexit negotiations as quickly as they can by claiming non existent cabinet unity for their Remain position to their North London media chums. When the cats away the mice will play. Mrs May has to stop this and discipline or fire them asap. If, with the help of their allies, they choose to bring the government down then their political careers are finished and the Tory party with them for a generation.

Mrs May's career is finished anyway but at least she has been PM longer than the 14th Earl of Home, another useless Old Etonian.

Hammond and Rudd are betraying our country to the EU from whom they will no doubt receive their 30 pieces of silver. The ruling elite of the UK are unpatriotic and corrupt as a German girl friend I once had told me in 1966. The ordinary people will turn to Corbyn. The blame for this disaster lies at the door of Hammond Rudd and the others like the LibDems who cannot accept the democratic will of the people and have ensured the EU will offer us a very bad deal indeed which is what the EU philes want. It will hugely damage our country but for  the North London elite many paid by us through the BBC licence fee it will be I'm alright Jack.  Tommy Atkins up North will pay the price but hey nobody who counts lives there not even Comrades Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott.                


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Stephen Harness said...

Tommy Atkins up north has already paid the price of EU membership. Working men jobs have been abandoned in steel, coal, fishing and basic manufacturing etc. However the Remainers are urging we jump back into bed with the EU and settle down to a future of servitude to a false flag.