Monday, 21 August 2017

How to stop Islamic terrorists

I am sure that most people want some action to control these people rather than the usual politicians dogma of:

Condolences to the victims families
Carry on as usual to show them they cannot win
Regulate white van rentals etc

and nothing in the way of any action that might be efective.

I recommend our political elite listen to this US ex special forces Sergeant

His message identifies the importance of family to these people, Having lived in Sudan I can second that. Some of these families are very large. I have known Sudanese with over 30 brothers.

Master Sergeant Terry Schapper knows what he is talking about. Our political elite are clueless. When one member of the family commits a terrorist atrocity you deport the whole of the family living in the UK, EU or US back to their country of origin. That hits Islamics where it matters to them. The Saudis do this routinely to get rid of  'undesirables'. We should do the same. Balance their family human rights against the human rights of the families of those murdered and deport. That is justice Muslims understand.



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Anonymous said...

Interesting self explanatory must read article by a Muslim. Will any of the points raised ever be implemented?

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you for this. Its robust stuff that we need. Politicians are petrified of losing the Muslim vote so although its needed our weasel politicos will run for cover

George Gray said...

I would agree strongly with 9 out of the 10 proposals in Saira Khan's ten-point plan (well, maybe 8 and a half, because to "remove all unelected community leaders" could affect not just those who operate like a state within a state but also perfectly respectable groups which have existed for many years in this country like residents' associations, ratepayers' groups and the like, not to mention the numerous civil parishes which do not elect councillors but hold parish meetings, so that point would need to be refined).

However, where I very strongly disagree with Miss Khan is her blunt proposal to "put a stop to single faith schools". I disagree in the following respects:

Why should the very considerable number of schools operated by faiths other than islam be made to carry the can for the failure of those islamic schools alone? Were it not for church schools, there would have been no education at all in this country before 1870, and a wholly insufficient amount for many years afterwards. Far from being a threat from within to this country's interests, church schools have been its backbone. If Miss Khan finds herself at odds with many aspects of her own faith, so be it - many people who do not share her faith have similar difficulties with it - but even if it is courageous and honest of her to say so, it is arrogant of her to suggest that her own johnny-come-lately faith's shortcomings are good reason to outlaw the schools operated by the country's longstanding faith since the days when you could have counted the British adherents of her own faith on one hand.

In asking "how can you integrate into society if you've only hung around people from your own religious group", Miss Khan quite simply needs to get her facts straight in seeking to ban all faith schools for this wholly fake reason. It may well be the case that you will only encounter people from your own religious group at islamic schools - in which case, by all means argue for a ban on all islamic schools on that basis. But it is certainly not the case at schools operated by other faiths.

Of the 850,000 pupils at Catholic schools in England and Wales, for example, nearly a third (290,000) are not Catholic - including, incidentally, more than 26,000 Muslims. These figures alone make a complete mockery of Miss Khan's grotesque misrepresentation of the wider faith school sector.

Here is a good link for the above stats and more:

Another highly revealing stat in that article is that there are more than 6,800 faith schools, of which only 28 - that's right, twenty-eight - are Muslim, which means that Miss Khan is proposing the closure or radical upheaval of nearly 7,000 perfectly decent CofE, RC, Quaker, Jewish schools etc, disrupting the education of millions of pupils including many muslims as it happens, because of the transgressions of just 28 islamic ones. Again, I can only say what arrogance.

I cannot help but notice that Miss Khan's ten-point plan appears in the Daily Mirror and that the Mirror gives top prominence to her proposal regarding faith schools. The Mirror is a left-wing newspaper, very supportive of Corbyn these days. Those holding such views are not normally noted for any outspoken criticism of islam (quite the reverse, as you have noted yourself in several recent blogposts Dr Eric Edmond), but are frequently and openly hostile to organised christianity. I am bound to ask what is the Mirror's real agenda here, therefore - a sincere critique of islam or the chance to have a crack at organised christianity and undermine its educational system, under the cloak of something else? I am sure that in the twisted mind of a typical Corbynista thug, 28 muslim schools would be a fair price to pay for the removal of thousands of christian ones. Please have no truck with them, Dr Edmond.

George Gray said...

Link missing from my above post:

(I did post with this extra info a little earlier but that has gone awol too)

Stephen Harness said...

Never going to happen in this country. The outrage would be on the Richter Scale. Perhaps we should start to sort this mess out by taking our political criminals to war crime trials.